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Nation Wide Oil Spray was established in 1980 and has served thousands of customers in London and surrounding areas. We service everything from your daily driver, pickups, vans, motor homes, heavy equipment, and heavy trucks. Essentially if it drives and will rust …. We can and will rustproof it!

Many ask about the difference that sets Nation Wide Oil Spray apart from the rest, your Oilgard, Krown or Ziebart to name a few in the same industry. Nation Wide Oil Spray is an owner operated business since it the day it opened, it has changed hands however the present owner purchased the business is 1995 and is hand on and in the trenches everyday.

We are not a franchise and the staff along side with the owner has 25 years experience.  The owner is a licensed mechanic and grew up around cars, trucks and heavy equipment in the family truck repair business.

We use only new oil products as do the competition, the key to an effective job is not only the product, but the placement of the product. So you see it is not a question of which product is better but is the company you choose putting their product in the areas that need protection?

Remember the areas of your vehicle that you can’t see are more prone to rusting than the areas you can see as corrosion as a rule starts in these hidden areas. So the moral of this story is if the product is not where it needs to be it does not matter who’s name is on the label.

You will find no Royalty at our shop and no water fowl running around in our yard (no matter how cute they are). At Nation Wide Oil Spray you will only find
“London’s Rust proofing Specialist”